How to Overcome Depression Without Drugs and Alcohol? 


How to Overcome Depression Without Drugs and Alcohol? 

Many people suffer from depression all over the world. Depression is also known as a major depressive disorder. It is common and can be serious. It will negatively affect how a person feels. Those who suffer from depression may turn to drugs and alcohol as treatment. However, drugs and alcohol are not always the answer. Depression is common in those who are having problems with substance abuse. 

Depression and Substance Abuse 

Crisis depression is common among those who have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. When someone has a drawing of depression, they may feel that drugs and alcohol are the only solutions to their problem, however, there are other solutions. One-third of all people who suffer from depression also suffer from alcohol abuse. 

Overcoming Depression Properly 

The first step to overcoming depression without alcohol or drugs is to understand what depression is. Depression is very common, and it is in illness that involves your brain. It not only will affect your mood but your thoughts as well. Many people do not understand depression. Most people believe it is sad, however, it is much more. People can be severely depressed or mildly depressed. 

The next thing to do is to realize the signs of depression. Knowing the signs will allow you to get in and get help before you resort to alcohol or drug use. Some of the most common signs of depression are 

● Feeling Hopeless 

● Feeling Empty 

● Gaining/Losing Weight 

● Thinking about Death

● Losing Interest 

● Forgetfulness 

● Having Trouble Making Decisions 

Treatment of Depression

If you are diagnosed with depression, you are not alone. Many people suffer from depression. If you suffer from depression and you have used substances to help you deal with your problem, you may want to think about a substance use treatment plan. This plan will help you treat your substance use. However, you should still get treatment for your depression as well. Some forms of treatment for depression include 

● Antidepressants

● Therapy 

● Both 

Antidepressants are medications that specifically target areas of the brain that produce the feeling of depression. They help you feel normal again and make it easier to get through the day. 

The best thing you can do is to talk to a doctor. If you notice any of the symptoms and you are feeling down, talk to a doctor. Getting evaluated is nothing to be ashamed of, and you shouldn’t be scared. You are not alone. Once you reach out, you will have a better chance of getting help and not resorting to substance abuse. 

You can reach out when you are at home as well, you do not always have to go to the doctor. There are crisis hotlines that you can talk to text. These are for use when you are extremely depressed. If you are seeking treatment, this might be something you use to stay away from drugs and alcohol. These hotlines are there to help those in need. Never be afraid to reach out so that you can beat the battle of depression and substance abuse. It starts by breaking the cycle, so you are not another statistic.