Learn About Geeking

What Is Crack?

Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the South American coca plant. Crack is just a different version of powder cocaine. It is not less pure or less expensive than powder cocaine.

Crack-cocaine is cocaine that has been processed into a crystal-like substance. It is also called “rock” because of this. When the “rock” is heated, it releases vapors that are breathed in to get high. As the “rock” is heated, it makes crackling sounds. Hence the street name crack.

Crack is a very popular drug for users because it is easy to get high quickly. The high can also last longer and have a stronger effect. The risk to users is also two to three times greater than users of powder cocaine.

What Is Geeking?

There is a lot of slang out there to describe drug use. Geeking is one of them.

Geeking means bingeing on crack cocaine until you run out of crack or cannot use anymore. Bingeing on crack is when it is used repeatedly over a short amount of time. This leads to needing more crack to reach the desired high.

Bingeing on crack is dangerous for the health and can lead to addiction. Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. Being addicted to cocaine can lead to crazy actions just to get more of it. Actions like shoplifting, violence, or prostitution.

Geeking can also describe the paranoia associated with extensive crack use. This is when a user maybe thinks the police are after them. Or is constantly checking around them. It is often seen as users obsessively looking for more drugs.

Health Problems

Constant cocaine use can lead to heart and blood pressure problems. It can make the risk of having a stroke or heart attack go up.

Addiction to cocaine can cause nausea, headaches, abdominal pain. It can affect appetite and cause users to be malnourished. It also is a form of intoxication. These leads to impaired thought and actions.

Such risky actions are unprotected sex that can lead to HIV or other STDs.

If someone uses cocaine and alcohol together, they increase their risk of overdosing. An overdose is an injury or death by using more substance than the body can tolerate.

This is the same with other drugs. “Speedballing”, or using cocaine and heroin together, can lead to overdose and death.

It is important to know what geeking is and how it can harm a user.