Why Your Prescription Drug And Opioids Can Be Stolen

Why Your Prescription Drug And Opioids Can Be Stolen

Why Your Prescription Drug And Opioids Can Be Stolen

The theft of prescription drugs is becoming an epidemic throughout the United States. It is largely fuelled by opioid dependence, which can cause individuals with a pain disorder in need of medication to suffer. Merely having painkillers that contain opium on your person increases the risk of theft. In the event of stolen medicine, do you know what to do and how to protect yourself?

Who Steals Opioids?

When you imagine drugs being stolen from you, you may think of some violent mugger or a stranger with an addiction. There is a chance this may occur, especially when leaving a pharmacy, but this is not the most likely way your drugs will get stolen. It is much more likely that the drugs will be taken by someone close to you, whether it be a child or a friend. The pills make individuals feel good, and they sell for a high price on the street.

Nobody wants to suspect that their friends and family have been stealing from them. You may not believe that you were stolen from – your pills are in a secure place and you make sure to keep them hidden. You must remember, though, that this is an addiction and it can cause people to act in ways you would never expect. People can become desperate, citing them to steal prescription drugs from individuals they are close to.

If you notice symptoms and signs of substance abuse disorder and addiction, seek help from a professional.

Protect Yourself from Theft of Opioids

When you are prescribed medications, be discreet about what they are and keep track of the medication you take. Count them to make sure nothing is missing, possibly even making a log so that you have a clear account of your pills in the event of theft.

If you do not get the pills from the pharmacy yourself, then count the pills when they are given to you to make sure you are not receiving partially empty pill bottles. Pharmacy staff may even steal pills, so count them before leaving if this is possible.

When you are in public, be careful when taking pills or talking about them. Sometimes people that you do not expect can be addicted to pain killers, including members of the church. Addicts do not always fit the stereotype, so be careful.

Pharmacy bags should be hidden and locked somewhere safe. If you carry your painkillers around, keep them in the pill bottle to prove they are legal pills that have been prescribed to you.

What if Your Drugs Are Stolen?

If you have found that your drugs have been stolen, this can be a huge problem. Individuals may be abusing the drug and causing themselves harm. You may not be able to refill your prescription until a specific date, causing you to go without medication for several days or even weeks. Because patients may make up excuses to get refills, most doctors will not refill a prescription early. This would only increase the likelihood of individuals abusing the drug, so you may have to suffer for a while.